I am very lucky…… I’ve always been active and enjoyed Sport all my life with varying degrees of success.

However, with a young family I am increasingly refocusing my perspective from chasing new fitness goals to being present in the moment. I’d like to share with you the release I get from training and how I am beginning to understand that it’s ok not to be perfect!

Life is not perfect — it’s a wonderful state of mind when you recognize that the lives you see people live on social media are not an actual representation of their lives. Social media is like a Swan sitting on the water, it looks calm and beautiful on the surface, but below there is a lot going on.

Health & Fitness – Variation and fun are essential. So too is the willingness to learn new ways of thinking and keeping your ego in check!
Not all training has to be grinding out prescribed sets and reps in a gym. Mix it up with activities that involve your kids, trying a new sport or using the natural environment as excellent ways of staying active.

Sharing the physical, mental, emotional and social reward gained from exercising with clients at SK9 SPORTS is just as rewarding as doing the activity myself! It’s a privilege to share the moment when someone digs deep and achieves what they thought was impossible!

Optimism– When life gets in the way of training, accept it. Don’t beat yourself up, use the experience to fuel the next opportunity to exercise and go at it, hard! I’ll talk about our relationship with food another time. For now, remember don’t try and be perfect, endeavour to keep active and reap the rewards.

Paul Grattage
Functional Fitness Coach