As you may have noticed, food is everywhere!
At every available opportunity convenient meals, snacks and drinks are put under our noses.
All of them targeting our primal instinct to consume sugar, fat and salt.

Mind games

It’s not just our physiological cravings that scrupulous manufacturers are looking to trigger.
Clever marketing campaigns combined with the knowledge that certain foods can give temporary psychological pleasure or stress relief has given rise to the over consumption of what I consider to be ‘treat’ food.


Our relationship with food has changed dramatically over the past 50 years.
Balanced food choices are no longer seen as necessary to sustain an active, healthy lifestyle. Food is increasingly used for entertainment or stress relief.
We are all victims of this consistent message, why? Profits.
The fast food industry does everything it can to provide you with the temporary high or stress relief that their products provide.
It’s like a never ending tide of temptation everywhere you look.

Be kind to yourself

My message here is don’t beat yourself up when you cave in to the temptation.
Allow yourself to enjoy your chosen ‘treat’ food as entertainment, but don’t allow it to make up the bulk of your body’s essential fuel.
Don’t completely restrict yourself from the food you love.
I’ve seen so many examples of people who are ultra strict for 6 weeks, then eat what they consider to be ‘bad’.
They then tell themselves they have failed and then continue to eat more ‘bad’ food to make them feel better.

Ask yourself a question?

Try to see 80% of the food you eat as the body’s essential fuel. Allow yourself a treat.
At every meal or snack ask yourself; is this essential fuel, a treat, stress relief or entertainment?
Try and get into the mind-set of using exercise as the stress relief not food. Make choices based on your understanding of cravings and clever marketing and you will be on your way to sustaining balance.